Tina Fey Rant

Tina Fey

*Was Diablo Cody really a stripper once or did she just make that sh*t up to sell her scripts? Did she even write them?

*Diablo Cody is just a front for a zaftig thumb sucking screenwriter with no pizazz whatsoever. Definitely can't pop and lock.

*Maybe its same girl Tina Fey stole all of her material from. The one she cunningly befriended at a Weight Watchers meeting years ago.

*Tina Fey told her she would “give it a read” but instead used it to get Lorne Michaels to give her a promotion.

*Tina Fey, a virgin until she was twenty-four? Okay, Tina, I'm not going to make fun of you anymore, you've got me in tears. #finallysomeonewhowaitedlongerthanme

*I lied, I just don't know how you can kiss Oprah's ass like that, Tina Fey? Like she can help your career or something? #Insanity!

*Tina Fey, I know you're the one watering down the liquor in the Green Room. And no more lamb on the spit in there! Firehazard! #Greeks

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