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I'm only 15-tall, skinny and awkward, long dark hair with golden highlights from the sun, wide brown eyes wearing spaghetti strap, short tank dresses that show off my legs and sandals that tie around my ankles. Short, unpolished fingernails, pink lip gloss and tanned skin. I have a reprieve from my summer language camp and find myself in Naples with a much older boy(20) who talks about music and keeps giving me tapes to listen to in my Sony Walkman. He has an apartment rental for a few weeks and our conversations are long and spirited-he’s practicing his English with me and I am still a shy introvert. While he speaks passionately about Japanese art and Husker Du, I stare at his eyes and think about how no one in my family has eyes like these and they seem like a revelation, like pots of blue paint from a painting, or from the blue sea nearby. Something about his blue eyes and the fact that he's Dutch keep returning my thoughts to Van Gogh's Starry Night. He has huge hands …

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