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High Society Part I

High Society

My mother called me Princess. She still calls me Princess. My mother wanted to be a Jewish-
American Princess. She was not. She was a Daughter of the American Revolution and a
Protestant tracing her lineage back to the first English boats that landed on the coast of Virginia.
My mother wanted me to be a Jewish-American Princess. I was not. So she sent me to Temple
for preschool and enlisted two radiant and childless Jewish women; one our neighbor, and the
other the wife of a pool hustler, to be my Godmothers. One had a family that escaped the
pogroms of Russia and landed in federal housing on immigrant flooded Taylor Street in Chicago
surrounded by Italians just like my father. My other Godmother hailed from a family in LA that
survived the Holocaust; she lived on the road hustling pool with my father in the 1960s when she
was a rebellious, flower child teenager. The former was a never gonna get married, Mary Tyler
Moore/Cosmo Girl skinny with alabaster white sk…

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