A Pool Hustler's Daughter grows up in subterranean America. She dreams big, hustles daily and loves her Daddy. With empathy, fascination and grace she navigates and inhabits every tier of society; sees beauty and hope and magic in all things; respects and lives by the "mitzvah."
A Pool Hustler's Daughter calculates the trifecta payout at the racetrack, hides money on three parts of her body, has an arsenal of "Uncles," and keeps a baseball bat by the front door. She values friendship, loyalty and experiences over "things." Like her father, she seeks to learn "The secrets of the universe" and believes "Life ain't on the square." She applauds the self-made and those who learn to "overcome" their circumstances. Her door is always open for a sofa to sleep on, a hot meal, or an eager listener for a life story.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Smurfs: One Minute Review

"Clumsy" Smurf should have been exiled a long time ago, for the good of the village.
According to "Realtor" Smurf, the first "Black" Smurf to the Village in 30 years did not bring Mushroom housing prices down. "Latin" Smurf was snarky and selfish. "Scottish" Smurf merely recycled Mike Meyers' redundant,"Austin Powers" Haggis jokes. "Italian" Smurf managed not to whack anybody(a first there. See "A Fish Tale.") Gargamel had the best lines.

Stereotypes, an underlying Communist message, and NPH's too tight pants force a THUMBS DOWN. Only bright side was Smurfette's glow from all the "Smurfing" she was getting.

Horrendous waste of time and money, but still not the worst, or most insulting to me personally (again, see "A Fish Tale"); as I slept through half of it and snuck into next theater for a moment to catch first JT love scene, which also put me to sleep.

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