Smurfs: One Minute Review

"Clumsy" Smurf should have been exiled a long time ago, for the good of the village.
According to "Realtor" Smurf, the first "Black" Smurf to the Village in 30 years did not bring Mushroom housing prices down. "Latin" Smurf was snarky and selfish. "Scottish" Smurf merely recycled Mike Meyers' redundant,"Austin Powers" Haggis jokes. "Italian" Smurf managed not to whack anybody(a first there. See "A Fish Tale.") Gargamel had the best lines.

Stereotypes, an underlying Communist message, and NPH's too tight pants force a THUMBS DOWN. Only bright side was Smurfette's glow from all the "Smurfing" she was getting.

Horrendous waste of time and money, but still not the worst, or most insulting to me personally (again, see "A Fish Tale"); as I slept through half of it and snuck into next theater for a moment to catch first JT love scene, which also put me to sleep.

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