So Happy Today

Wow. I really did it. I finally stopped my normal(sleeper) life for a few minutes to start a blog. Granted, I would have loved for this process to have been expedited a few years ago. Graduate stellar University(check), backpack across the globe(check), work as assistant editor at some publishing house(check), split a one bedroom Manhattan apartment with at least one hormonal and competitive young woman or gay man(check), write great American novel before 25(check), stare intently at the pond in Central Park wondering where the ducks have gone(check), land a regular writing gig like Woody Allen or David Sedaris at my beloved New Yorker(cliche, yes, but true - check), live off royalties and live a long, adventurous, prolific writing life like Graham Greene or Gabriel Garcia Marquez(check).

Where did I go wrong?

Well, I guess we could start with "Stellar University" and move forward.

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