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Kiki Barrish Decides to Fall in Love

A cacophony of birdsong woke Kiki Betty Barrish. Her third floor apartment of an Art Deco three-flat was cocooned in -young by nature's standards, but old by human years - sturdy Oak trees that dangled a labyrinth of healthy branches, heavy with snowflake shaped leaves, reaching for the sun. The giant windows that faced these treetops from her living and dining rooms appeared as framed, museum masterpieces with fleshy and fat Van Gogh brushstrokes of every shade of green. Towering above the roof, shading and keeping her apartment cool in the summer, these trees were home to Hummingbirds, Finches, Robins, Cardinals, and the occasional Woodpecker- OCD in his or her or their choice of pecking place - always appearing on the street corner(her balcony rested above the corner and often made her feel like Shakespeare's doomed Juliet, The Pope or the Queen of England while standing on it) and always before seven am. The Woodpecker, Kiki surmised, must be a loner, like her, used to

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